Time to Change

Our Time to Change pledge

Empowerment is proud to be a service that supports the rights of, and promotes the voice of every individual who walks through the door. Approximately 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime, and these issues do not discriminate against our workers, volunteers or the people who access our services. We as an organisation are proud to be actively tackling the stigma around mental wellbeing by making our service a safe space for people to be open and honest around any issues they may be facing.

Our Time to Change ethos ensures that anybody who comes into contact with Empowerment, be that a worker, volunteer or somebody in need, knows that they can come forward and speak to someone about any issues they may be facing and Empowerment will listen and do their best to support them. Through Time to Change, we aim to create an open culture within Empowerment where people will feel welcomed and respected enough to be open and honest in regards to their mental health and know that at Empowerment, they will be listened to and respected.

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Mayor’s Ball in aid of Empowerment – Tickets available now
Click here to buy tickets: https://buff.ly/2LEfWXj

Mayor’s Ball in aid of Empowerment – Tickets available now
Click here to find out more and buy tickets: https://buff.ly/2LEfWXj

"It’s OK to feel uncomfortable, upset, or even frightened. But try not to react with anger or look for someone to blame. Leave your judgement at the door."

Happiful share advice on how to support someone who is struggling with self-harm: https://bit.ly/2Sxugnd

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