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Empowerment strives to continually improve the quality of all of its service provision, and to do this we enable the people who use our services to shape and develop them. We also have an ambitious agenda to gain quality assurance accreditations for all aspects of our service delivery.

Our work to improve quality and performance is headed up by Empowerment’s Quality and Performance Lead; Kevin Glossop.

In Kevin’s role of Quality and Performance Lead the main responsibility is to ensure that everything that Empowerment does is to the highest possible standard it could be. This ranges from making sure that literature we produce is correct, to ensuring that we are meeting all of the targets that have been set for our different services.

At Empowerment it is the ethos of every staff member to produce the best quality work and to exceed the targets that have been set. This enables those that use our service to gain the best possible support that they need.

The quality and performance frameworks that we have in place allow for all this to happen and also allows the organisation to continually improve its services and measure what we are doing well and what could be improved. We always strive to better ourselves and we welcome feedback from our service users to help us achieve this.

Kevin Glossop

Kevin Glossop

Quality & Performance Lead

In my role as Quality and Performance Lead I ensure that everything that Empowerment produces is to the highest possible standard. This allows for our service users to receive the best quality support that they need.

I have worked for Empowerment since October 2013. I first started off as a Business Administration apprentice and worked my way up through being the Support Services Administrator, Performance and Administration Officer and now the Quality and Performance Lead. I am very proud of these accomplishments and very much enjoy working at Empowerment. I thrive on ensuring that we are doing the best that we possibly could be and always look forward to taking things to the next level.

Current Accreditations

We are working towards achieving the following accreditations

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