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“I became a volunteer for The Den in 2015, volunteering my free time whilst studying at college. I enjoyed the experience so much that I have continued to volunteer my time long after my studies have finished.

I chose to volunteer for The Den with the hope that the experience would not only allow me to make a difference to members of my community, but also to provide me with the experience and skills necessary to help me in my future career. This experience has allowed me to broaden my horizons as well as improve my confidence with children and young people.

From the moment I started to volunteer The Den have been really supportive, making me feel like “one of the team”. This has not only made my time at The Den more enjoyable, but has provided me with first hand experiences that have not only encouraged me to continue to follow my chosen career path, but also provided me some knowledge to help me do it.

Knowing that you have been a part of an organisation that makes a huge difference to lives of one of the most vulnerable members of society, has given me a sense of pride that will stay with me for life. The Den really are a credit to the community, and I feel fortunate enough to have been a part of it”. Josh Latham

THE DEN Volunteer

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