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PEER 4 U, is a ground breaking initiative to tackle head on the loneliness and social isolation experienced by people in Blackpool by with a history of homelessness, mental illness, offending and substance misuse. All of the PEER 4 U team, have lived experience of these issues and will be drawing on that experience to provide mentoring support to others who are looking to connect with new friends, exciting opportunities and volunteering roles. Tackling loneliness and social isolation experienced by people with Multiple Complex Needs through listening, mentoring and community.

Each of the mentee’s will have a history of at least two of the following areas, Substance Misuse, Offending, Mental health or Homelessness. Ideally the mentee will be coming to the end their time within a service and ready to embark on the next stage of their journey.

What Peer 4 U can offer a mentee is someone to walk alongside the next stage of their journey, helping to motivate change, building confidence, helping the individual build support networks and helping them to feel more independent within their lives.

Peer4U is funded by the Building Connections Fund, government funding distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Meet the Peer 4 U Peer Mentors

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Peer 4 U Peer Mentor


About Ben

I started volunteering for Fulfilling Lives last year as part of their Lived Experience Team.

I helped out at the drop in and alongside the navigators as they supported people with multiple complex needs. I’m from Blackpool myself and am aware of a great need for support for the most vulnerable people who live here.

I’ve completed a Level 2 Counselling course and am studying health and Social Care at college. I’m interested in both subjects and am carrying them on further to gain Level 3 in both and train as a Resilience Counsellor.

I co-facilitate a confidence building course which I enjoy. I have personal lived experience and feel I’ve a lot to offer.

I’ve deep gratitude towards the people who have helped me along the way so I believe in the process that happens when one human helps another. 

I now work as a peer mentor for Empowerment which is an organization that I believe in, and I’m passionate about helping others. At Fulfilling Lives I’ve watched people turn their lives around so I know that the Peer 4 U project will carry this on and I’m excited to be a part of it. Helping others to empower themselves to change their lives is something I am passionate about and ready to be a part of.

John McManus

John McManus

Peer 4 U Peer Mentor


About John


I started volunteering with the Lived Experience Team in 2018. I am now working with Empowerment with the Peer 4 U as a peer mentor. I  am also at college doing Health and Social care.

 I  am from Blackpool and have a passion to help the people of Blackpool with Multiple Complex Needs.

I want to help people by believing in them to make change helping get their voices heard   and by showing them kindness and respect.

I am in recovery myself and was in and out of services for a long time.

 I want to give back and make a difference in peoples lives I love seeing people get well and will do anything I can to help.

Patricia Entwistle

Patricia Entwistle

Peer 4 U Peer Mentor


About Patricia

I have lived around Blackpool for fifteen years and have made it my home. I feel strongly about helping people here to turn their lives around. I started working for empowerment in March as a Peer 4 U mentor because I have a passion for helping people with multiple complex needs. I believe and want, everyone to have a voice.

I am on the Lived Experience Team and am a volunteer for Fulfilling Lives and have volunteered for Inspire, I did 1 year volunteer work in a rehabilitation unit and volunteered  in soup kitchens. I have done a lot of courses on drug and alcohol and mental health awareness. I am currently in college for health and social care. I am excited about working with Empowerment because I have recovered from these issues and love seeing people get well.

Sophie Leatham

Sophie Leatham

Peer 4 U Peer Mentor


About Sophie

I started working for Empowerment Charity in Blackpool in March 2019 as a Peer 4 U Mentor. As I come from Blackpool myself, I am passionate about helping our Blackpool residents have a voice and access relevant support.

I began my journey by attending college, gaining relevant qualifications and securing a voluntary position within a busy organisation which supports local women. I went on to obtain a work placement with the criminal justice team for a further year.

My position with Empowerment is ideal as I am able to work within a recovery model that I am both passionate and proud to be a part of whilst working towards obtaining my Bsc (hons) Psychology Degree.

Nicola Plumb

Nicola Plumb

Fulfilling Lives LET manager


About Nicola


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