Our Values and Strategic Aims

Our Values and Strategic Aims

We think it’s vitally important that the work we do and how we do it should be enshrined in a set of core values and aims, which is why we have made the following commitments:
We will work with people to empower them through;

• Understanding – we listen and don’t judge.
Problem solving – helping you to work your way through difficult situations.
Promoting your Voice – supporting you to put across your points of view.
Confidence building – we want you to feel genuinely empowered.

We want to be an organisation;
With a clear sense of purpose.
Doing things that make a difference.
Run in a way that is professional and cost effective.

Our mission is to make you feel Safe, Supported & Strengthened


Positivity: No matter how serious or bad your situation may be; our response will always be positive, always solution focused and… always about your needs and wishes!


Respect: Whatever your background, whatever you may have done or not done in life, we will always treat you fairly, recognising your individual needs and circumstances and work alongside you to enable you to reach your full potential.


Patience: Positive change can take time, we also recognise that the people we work with aren’t always going to get it right first time. We are committed to empowering you in a way that is appropriate to your individual circumstances.

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