Our Values and Strategic Aims

We think it’s vitally important that the work we do and how we do it should be enshrined in a set of core values and aims, which is why we have made the following commitments:
We will work with people to empower them through;

Understanding – we listen and don’t judge.
Problem solving – helping you work your way through.
Promoting your Voice – supporting you to put across your points of view.
Confidence building – we want you to feel genuinely empowered.

The way we treat people must always be with;

We want to be an organisation;
With a clear sense of purpose.
Doing things that make a difference.
Run in a way that is professional and cost effective.

To achieve this we have an internal Strategic Plan detailing the potential opportunities for new and existing services, which means we are building a whole package of support activities in our areas, with a range of funders. The plan also explains what we’re going to do to develop our work with service users, our workforce and the way we manage the organisation.