Memory Screening

How good is your memory?
Empowerment is raising awareness among the community about dementia, the risk factors, signs and symptoms, along with providing helpful tips on how to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

What do we do?
Memory screenings will be available at clinics within GP surgeries, Empowerment offices, various venues throughout the local community and home visits will be available for those who are housebound.

By carrying out these memory screenings we aim to identify people with memory problems earlier so that they can get the vital support they need at an earlier stage of their condition and plan for their future.

The assessment takes approximately 10 minutes and includes questions relating to daily living and mood. A report will be sent directly to their own GP who will contact the individual for further testing should there be an indication that there may be a deterioration in their memory so that they can investigate any underlying cause.

How do we do it?
‘CANTAB Mobile’ is a tool used for the early screening of people who are concerned about their memory. It is based on technology that has been used in scientific research for 25 years and was invented at the University of Cambridge.

Further information about Cantab is available at

How can I access the service?
If you would like to book an appointment or speak to one of our Memory Screeners in confidence please contact us on 0300 32 32 100 (option 4)

If you are part of a community group that would like to find out more about dementia and access our service then contact us on 0300 32 32 100 (option 4) who will be happy to make arrangements for a group talk or presentation.