About BESS

BESS stands for ‘Blackpool Empowering Social Support’. We are a service that has a creative and innovative response to people who are High Intensity Users of the Accident and Emergency Department at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

1:1 Support

This person centred support is a journey between a BESS team member and a person who has been identified as being socially isolated and lonley.

BESS Pledge

If you are passionate about tackling social isolation and loniliness for your workfroce, why not sign up to the BESS pledge and make a commitment to your team.


BESS is passionate about tackling lonliness through social isolation in the community of Blackpool. Here you will find a list of all our weekly events.

People's Stories

Here you will have the opportunity to listen to people's stories that the BESS team have worked with.


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Mayor’s Ball in aid of Empowerment – Tickets available now
Click here to buy tickets: https://buff.ly/2LEfWXj

Mayor’s Ball in aid of Empowerment – Tickets available now
Click here to find out more and buy tickets: https://buff.ly/2LEfWXj

"It’s OK to feel uncomfortable, upset, or even frightened. But try not to react with anger or look for someone to blame. Leave your judgement at the door."

Happiful share advice on how to support someone who is struggling with self-harm: https://bit.ly/2Sxugnd

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