Blackpool Children & Young Person’s Advocacy

Children & Young Person’s Advocacy

A Children & Young Person’s Advocate works with you when Children’s Social Care is involved in your life.

A Children & Young Person’s Advocate stands up for your rights by getting to know you and what you want.

A Children & Young Person’s Advocate empowers you to have your voice heard.

Children/Young Person led

Independent from other organisations

Empowers Children and Young People

Confidential service

Safeguards Children and Young People and protects them from abuse and poor practice

What CYP advocates do

Help them be heard in relation to their views, wishes and feelings regarding decisions that are being made about them

Help to secure their rights

Support them to speak up for themselves wherever possible

Represent them during meetings and provide them with information that will help them make choices about their lives (CP Conferences, CP Reviews, Core Group Meetings, Children/Young Person In Need Meetings, Children/Young Person Care Reviews & Strategy Meetings)

Support those who may want to make a complaint regarding the service they have received from local authority

What CYP advocates can’t do

Make decisions for Children & Young People

Attend meetings without their permission

Give legal advice

Provide an emergency support service

Am I eligible?…

Are you aged 0-18?

Are you aged 16-25 & a care leaver?

Do you have a Social Worker?

Do you feel you are not listened to?

You are entitled to a  Children & Young Person’s Advocate

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Meet The Team

Amanda Reddy

Amanda Reddy

Children's Advocate

Greg Paul

Greg Paul

Children's Advocate

Kayleigh Bland

Kayleigh Bland

Youth Engagement Apprentice Children's Advocacy

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – Article 12 : 

You have the right to be listened to and taken seriously

Who can make a referral?



Other Family Members

Social Workers

Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO)

Foster Carers

School Teachers

Key Workers


Health Professionals

Advocates support you to…

Have your voice heard

Secure your rights

Speak up about what’s important to you

Make a complaint about your care

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