So… this week is Volunteers’ Week, when we as a nation get to say thank you for the work of volunteers. Here at Empowerment, we to would like to say a great big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers.

Over the past year we have been enthusiastically building up the numbers of our volunteers in all aspects of our service delivery. We have volunteer advocates, volunteer administrators, a volunteer cleaner, volunteer dementia group leaders, volunteer ‘Speak Out Forum’ members, volunteer Fulfilling Lives Lived Experience Team members…. the list goes on!

Yet, we still want more…. Empowerment is being transformed into a user led organisation whereby people from our local community are empowered to take an active part in every aspect of Empowerment’s organisation.

The Challenge we face is to ensure that every single volunteer opportunity we provide is both meaningful and is a great experience for the volunteers. In return, Empowerment asks that our volunteers are great ambassadors for our charity and contribute to making the lives of others better!

Finally, one thing I want Empowerment to do really well is; to provide volunteering opportunities for people who have been written off in life, who feel that they have nothing to contribute and who have lived experience of facing rejection and closed doors all throughout their life. Here at Empowerment we know that everyone has something to offer, irrespective of their background, what they’ve done in life and how they feel about themselves. Volunteering 23 years ago in Blackpool changed my life forever, perhaps it could change yours too!

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